Concealed Carry Criminal Defense Reimbursement Bond


Providing Up to $250,000 Reimbursement to CCW Permit Holders for Criminal Legal Defense Costs

When a concealed carry permit holder is criminally investigated or charged with a crime that involves a legally possessed weapon, we have a bond that will reimburse the CCW permit holder for reasonable legal fees and costs of defense to the maximum bond limit (up to $250,000).

The Concealed Carry Criminal Defense Reimbursement Bond only applies to an “act of self defense” by a CCW Permit Holder in a state where the permit holder is legally allowed to carry a concealed weapon, and…

  • Must be in legal possession of the weapon at the time of the incident with a license from IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, MI, MN, MO, OH, or WI. (Bond coverage extends to other states that the permit holder is licensed.)
  • Permit Holder pleads not guilty by reason of an “act of self-defense.”
  • Criminal charges must be dismissed or CCW Permit Holder must be acquitted.
  • Contingent upon the permit holder maintaining a state-issued permit or license to carry a weapon (fully automatic weapons are not covered).
  • Membership in firearms association is not required for this bond.

Additional conditions:

  • Bond immediately becomes null and void without notice for revocation, lapse or non-renewal of any concealed carry permit or license.
  • Bond provides no legal counsel or defense to the criminal charges – permit holder must hire own legal counsel.
  • No coverage is provided for illegal acts.
  • Civil claims and lawsuits are not covered by this bond.

It’s easy to order online. Click here and choose your bond penalty (criminal defense only by reimbursement):

» $50,000 for $100 per year
» $100,000 for $175 per year
» $250,000 for $250 per year

Please phone or email Kevin Morency with any questions you have about the concealed carry criminal defense reimbursement bond.

Areas Served

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